Monday, 19 September 2011

British Science Festival a Huge Success!

Roger and Helen have just come back from the British Science Festival in Bradford where they demonstrated Finger Stretching, the Disappearing Hand Trick, giving people an extra (supernumerary) hand and making the security officer’s watch disappear. The Disappearing Hand Trick was by far the most popular and details of this multisensory illusion will be published later this year in the journal Current Biology. The Disappearing Hand Trick involves making it seem as though your right hand has disappeared from your body by making you unable to see or touch it. We’ll be describing some of these multisensory illusions in full in future posts, so keep checking back for those.

Helen clearly excited about the day.

Roger and Helen also took part in a Sensory Night at the Society for Dyers and Colourists in Bradford which was an adults only event and great fun. Attending this event involved taking our equipment apart, bundling it into the back of a taxi and putting it back together again in a hurry at the other end. It’s the first time we’ve ever tried this, but  it went quite well and only took half an hour to rebuild. Roger had a lot of people ask him how and why he invented MIRAGE so one of our future features will cover the development of ideas and equipment that led to where we are today – from box files to the British Science Festival.

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