News articles

Recent news articles have covered our success in the Illusion of the Year competition, in which we won first prize with the Disappearing Hand Trick.


 Summer Scientist week 2010 at University of Nottingham

A lot of other press interest in our work comes from a publication last year in Rheumatology, in which we report that multisensory illusions applied to the painful parts of the hand reduced the experience of pain by, on average, 50% in a sample of 20 osteoarthritis sufferers. 85% of the sample reported some reduction in pain and 1/3 reported a complete, albeit temporary, elimination of pain. Above is a video that uses similar illusions with a child at Summer Scientist Week 2010 at the University of Nottingham. Below are links to some of the press articles published many of which include more videos of the illusions:

Illusion can halve the pain of osteoarthritis, scientists say  (University of Nottingham, 14.04.11)

Mind tricks may help arthritic pain  (BBC News Online, 14.04.11)

Could 'illusion box' help arthritis?    (Today program, Radio 4, 14.04.11)