Monday, 10 October 2011

World Arthritis Day - Wednesday 12 October

Roger is guest speaker at an event in Birmingham to promote Arthritis care in the UK and will be talking about our current research project investigating pain reduction in arthritis. The event, to be held on Tuesday 11th October, is a prelude to celebrating World Arthritis Day, which is also this week on Wednesday 12th October. The aim of World Arthritis Day is to increase awareness of arthritis and this year's theme is"Move to Improve" highlighting  the importance of movement for those with arthritis and rheumatoid disorders.


One of the biggest problems for those suffering from arthritis, as well as the pain, is restrictive movement: the less the joints move  the more they cease up, further restricting movement. Pain itself can restrict movement: because moving is so painful it is avoided. So this is why World Arthritis Day wants to promote movement and research that may help manage some of the pain experienced in arthritis, including our Dunhill Medical Trust Project.


  1. Good to see people supporting such an important day

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