Thursday, 26 January 2012

Looking ahead to 2012

Well this is the first blog of 2012 and this year we hope to have another very productive year in the MIRAGE lab, finishing the arthritis grant sponsored by Dunhill medical trust, getting a new branch of the lab up and running in Malaysia as well as the day to day body/ action representation research. 

Our quarterly illusion posts will continue with the Winter illusion (disappearing hand trick) in the next few days and of course the continuation of the "From Box Files to the British Science Festival" posts explaining how and why the MIRAGE began.

At the end of last east year Roger appeared on Health show talking about our arthritis research, if you missed it then however, you can still watch now thanks to Watch the video below or download your own copy from this link:

Roger explaining about our arthritis pain research on the Health Show. 
Video provided by

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