Thursday, 20 February 2014

Presenting the Latest Arthritis Data in Lund

On Tuesday 18th February Dr. Catherine Preston gave a seminar, including some of the latest Arthritis pain alleviation data, to the Communication and Learning (CCL) research team at the University of Lund, Sweden. CCL is an exciting multi-disciplinary research group that is trying to bridge the gap between different faculties in science and humanities. More information about the group can be found here (link).

Catherine just beginning her talk to the CCL audience. 
Picture taken by Rasmus Bååth

Data collection for the latest part of the Arthritis project finished last year, but this was the first opportunity to present some of the new results and discuss implications for multisensory illusions with a very welcoming and receptive audience (link).

Catherine is pictured here being introduced by seminar series organiser Dr. Richard Dewhurst
Picture taken by Rasmus Bååth

During the seminar Catherine also presented some of her more recent (non-MIRAGE) work linking body perception with emotion and eating disorder psychopathology, which she has completed whilst working in Sweden with Prof. Henrik Ehrsson. To read about her recent work please see the latest publication in PLoS One (link).

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